Michael Flynn on Edward Snowden

  • I may miss something and it was indeed possible that Snowden got his hands on critical information from the Department of Defense. Flynn was right.
  • The DIA messed up and thought that they had proof, but then discovered it was not so, or it was not that stringent or pervasive. It was then hard to admit the mistake. But according to the DIA, a big team was on the case since July 2013. Would they have done that if the initial information was lukewarm? Maybe if Michael Flynn or someone else high up wanted it so. But then I would expect a strong rebuke for Michael Flynn, not his dismissal.
  • Michael Flynn did not have the information he claimed to have. Still that would also imply that others followed his lead, talking points and report to congressional committees were fudged. That is hard to believe. However, if it was so, that would be a very good reason to can Flynn ASAP. Although the official story is one of resignation, the early news reports and the odd departure date seem like some settlement was negotiated. But that must have been pretty fast.




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