Freldo unites small business and turns into the largest hypermarket of goods and services

Many people choose to shop in the supermarkets because they are places where you can buy anything and receive a quality service. But in the same way many people also appreciate the small shop close to home because it is much easier to go there, the shopkeeper can advise us in a better way, and we can establish a confidential relationship with him.

Supermarkets and small shops are the exact opposite even if they deal with the same business. But what if the little shops could access a platform that can provide all the services of a large hypermarket?

To know the answer, it is necessary to observe Freldo, the new business social network.

How to take a small business to a new level

All small business owners always have budget problems. Many customers do not know their business and owners do not have the money to create effective advertising and marketing campaigns. The result is that the business has zero growth and it is challenging to expand and reach new clients.

This always happens if the business owner acts alone, but could the situation change if all the little business owners join in only one platform?

In recent history, there have been many examples where small businesses have used platforms that offered the tools of large companies. For instance, Uber, which allowed small taxi drivers to be immediately contacted by customers throughout the city in just one second.

Thanks to the smartphone, the customer can order a taxi, track it with the smartphone, pay quickly and easily. The Uber commission is 20%, and therefore the driver (with his car) will have a profit of 80% on each race using this tool. Realizing this profit without an app like Uber and its instruments would be utterly impossible.

Another similar app is Airbnb that allows homeowners to rent their homes to tourists and visitors. The platform has users from 191 countries and is extremely convenient for both owners and travelers. From 2008 to now more than 150 million users have used the service, which is friendly and very easy to use.

The Airbnb fees are meager, only 3% but the important thing is the possibility that all homeowners, can reach customers around the world and get into the real global estate market using tools of high quality.

Uber has united the taxi drivers, Airbnb has united all homeowners and Freldo has even more ambitious goals. The platform is not limited to one category and aims to collect small businesses of all kinds, and that can provide a service of the highest quality.

On Freldo you can book taxis, contact electricians and plumbers, nanny, makeup artists and more. The mission of the platform is to unite all the small businesses in one big platform accessible from customers all over the world providing all the tools to improve the service and compete with the giants of every field.

Freldo is a chance to catch up with Amazon

Freldo’s free marketing tools allow every electrician to build his website, for each plumber to use the same marketing tools as Amazon and to have an App.

Freldo plays the role of secretary, allowing all customers to send orders and payments through its platform with a single click. All this completely free and the advertising on the network is not subject to any fees.

What are the other advantages of Freldo?

Allows customers to get quality services quickly and at reduced prices due to the total absence of commissions, also all customers have very affordable discounts.

If all the small business owners get together on Freldo, they will have the chance to change things. The more entrepreneurs will gather on the platform; the more prospects they get.

Freldo is always looking for collaborators and pays very generous commissions for each result achieved. The managers of Freldo are convinced that together with the small owners will be able to earn a lot of money and gain essential results, realize the best turnovers and improve the service.

They used the experience of their predecessors, improved the idea and made it innovative.

Here’s what Freldo offers to every person who joins the platform:

- Free registration of the business account

- A personal page where you can enter all the business information, prices and valuable information. The page will become the official website of the business and Freldo will provide all the necessary tools to promote it:

- Private chat with customers and possible partners.

- Online payments like PayPal on the platform with different payment options.

- Feedback from customers to be able to climb the lists and be seen by more people.

- An online calendar for organizing meetings, home visits and all kinds of tasks.

- Mobile app to be in touch with customers and friends anywhere

- Loyalty program, which helps save on purchases and earn awards on new orders;

- Virtual shop, where every user can order favorite goods

- Global search with convenient searching tools, which will help to find any business easily.

The project wants to unite the owners of small businesses and give them the opportunity to offer a high-quality service that can compete with that of the largest companies without increasing the prices. Together we can provide all services and become a giant supermarket allowing customers to save time and money. Use Freldo every day is extremely convenient and the tools will enable every business to reach the next level.

Divided we fall but united we can win the big companies thanks to Freldo.