A new Facebook discussion group has just been launched: “CEE Entrepreneurs in France” — share, grow and meet with entrepreneurs

On 1 August, a discussion group was launched on Facebook — “Central & Eastern European Entrepreneurs in France”. Its author Ondrej Svoboda, on Facebook as Dede Le Tchek, explains his motivations and why he decided to create it.

Why another discussion group, is there not enough of them?

Yes, there is already a large panoply of discussions groups. I want to bring together in this group a maximum of entrepreneurs who come from the CEE countries (Central and Eastern European countries) and who do not necessarily speak French. We have a lot in common and I believe we should learn from other’s experiences. Our group will find its place thanks to its unique positioning!

What do you want to share with the entrepreneurs?

The objective is to share our experiences, to help each other with legal and accounting issues or even personal concerns such as the choice of the social security and of coure to share good tips what to do and where to go.

I took a lot of inspiration from the groups I am a member of, and from which I draw a lot of inspiration and good business ideas. I’m thinking of the French Startups or French Startupers Network groups on Facebook. These are groups with very active communities, their members respond quickly and share a lot. It goes for very specific and technical questions to good plans entrepreneurs’ life. Even though these groups are open to exchanges in English, in reality there are very few. That’s why I decided that our group will be only in English, but we do accept comments in French of course!

Why not just call it “English speaking entrepreneurs in France”?

The group is open to all anglophones who wish to discuss topics related to entrepreneurship in France, but I strongly wanted this orientation on the CEECs. I come from the Czech Republic and even if I arrived in France in 2001 for my studies, I am very connected to this region and I work between these two countries with my company French Commerce. With the enlargement of the EU and the rise of the start-up scene in France, more and more entrepreneurs from these countries come to France, but they do not all speak French. And it must be said that it is complicated to find information if one does not master enough the language… I created a Meetup group for the entrepreneurs of the CEECs in Paris and from the first appointment I realised that people came mainly to be able to exchange in English on their professional stakes.

What do you foresee next?

I work on several projects at the same time. We are launching with my partner in Prague a business club just for entrepreneurs and companies in the CEECs in France and I work on strategy and business development for several Czech startups such as for example Windguru (weather forecast) or Clever Monitor (emailing) . Another big project will also be the next edition of Startup Safari Paris in March 2018 of which I am the co-organizer. It is an unprecedented event of several days of Open Doors of the Parisian startup ecosystem. This time we hope to see it grow, because now we have the support of Pirate Summit who acquired the main event this earlier this year. So I do not get bored at all!

Thank you and good luck for your projects!

Thank you.