We go to school for an education but only a few come out educated
I do not blame the people, I blame the system and we know this can be debated
The purpose of education has been misinterpreted
We focus on passing and not the understanding
We focus on acing an exam rather than assimilating the content, education is such a scam.
Quizzes and tests are used to examine our level of intelligence pushing people to cheat
We involve ourselves in corrupt activities in order not to feel the heat
The definition for education has been modernized, turning it into the game of the fittest
We are pushed to learn for the grades and not for life
We are pushed to be amongst the intelligent and not amongst the thinkers
For not all those who are intelligent think 
We are pushed to perceive education as just passing through school and not the school passing through us
Education is not a game of the fittest, it isn’t a at game all
Education is a journey for life and not a fixed destination, thus if you believe education ends once school ends, the world has one less educated person

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