If you can’t find a job, there’s a high chance you’re lazy as hell

I get it, it’s tough to find a job [you love]. And it should be.

Compare finding suitable jobs to finding suitable clients for a business. We can all agree that building a business is hard, and so is building a career. You’re selling YOU (skills & time) to a hiring company.

If you believe job search is easy, then you’re definitely NOT doing it right.

It’s tiresome to go through the process of putting hard work and real thoughts into your job search. So you talk & grouse about how you sent hundreds of applications blaming the current state of the market. Let’s be honest; that’s not what is happening.

Last week I asked a dozens job seekers how they organized their search, they couldn’t give me a straight answer. This is supposed to have been going on for many months:

“I contact companies, apply to jobs but have no positive answers yet”

“I’m having interviews but nothing serious for now”

“I’m looking but cannot find anything interesting”

Being in the recruitment game for 7 years, I always got the same crap over and over and over again.

Let me put in the translation:

“ I just click APPLY in broken job sites including LinkedIn from time to time, even though my application will get lost anyway. “

We’re ALL aware (HR & applicants) this old-fashioned-broken-system doesn’t work anymore. But guess what? We keep using it… Why? To ease our mind and say we’ve done “something”.

Here is a “simplified guideline to getting a job”:

  • Find out how to articulate what you’re looking for [probably the toughest step]
  • List the companies you want to work for [yes it does takes a hell of a time to actually think about it & to do extensive research]
  • Contact them one by one to tell them what YOU can do for THEM [That’s a tricky part, I told you it was tough]

[There’re plenty of other ways to actually get people to ask you to work for them but it’s 10 times harder: it’s called personal branding, making a voice for yourself, showing your expertise and letting people know about your work. That takes commitment and patience]

So clicking “apply” to jobs-you’ve-randomly-found-on-a-job-board doesn’t make the list.

Your excuse can be :

  • I don’t know how to

There’re billions of advice out there on how to build your CV / cover letter / job search strategy / email building / [ you name it ]

Start with google — or even better — start with how to use google search.

  • I don’t have time

We all have time. If you’re reading this you have time.

Cut out hobbies/rest/sleep for a while and DO. You can meet those friends you see every single weekend next month or binge watch Netflix ONCE you got the job you want.

It’s like prepping for an exam. Did you get you’re Degree whining & procrastinating?

Don’t expect your dream job to fell off the sky and land on your resume.

So is it laziness? Lack of motivation?

Absolutely, for most people that is. Most people get jobs they hate and do nothing about it.

I’m lucky enough to meet a great deal of amazing people, who have done interesting things in life trough their education and career, locally & abroad. They know what they currently want and how to find it. Yet they don’t act on it.

They don’t lack motivation. They lack confidence.

Landing a job is a skill itself and so many of us suck at it, especially being interviewed. I know many recruiters & HR people experts in job search — as you can imagine — yet they can’t put in practice their own advice. They lack confidence too.

If there’s anything you can remember from this post it’s this:

When you put in the work you always get results.

It will not lead to a job offer easily (you might not be selected / not be interested / so many things can happen along the way) BUT your effort will pay off. You got to keep doing.

Every interview, meeting is a chance to improve your sales skills and know yourself better.

I’m an introvert, I can tell you from personal experience that getting out there is difficult. I’m currently meeting clients for my business and every meeting is demanding yet fulfilling. Whatever the results I always learn, adapt and grow.

Now tell me what’s your excuse right now for procrastinating on making contacts (business or career) and how can you work on it and start put in the work. I’m curious to know!

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