Economic Betrayal: The blind spot

It is amazing to watch how one goes out and another comes in. Like the swinging doors at the department stores. Well those will be a thing of the past except for those priviledged enough to live near something like that. Unless they plan to leave those behind. It’s amazing to watch the crumbling of a civilization right before your beady little eyes. To watch everyone act as if it’s not happening is hilarious and depressing. This must have been what it was like during the beginning of the bubonic plague. People put it down to a bad infection or witchcraft but not the black death that would nearly wipe out all of civilization. Not the mounds of burning bodies to prevent further spreading it to your friends, neighbors and relatives. What is happening today must be like when Rome was falling. You greedily grabbed things you couldn’t even dream to own knowing that you’ll eventually have to dump it if your to make it to the next town or house or home. When life has no value the value of everything else drops like a rock.

It’s interesting to see people change the subject because they don’t know what to do and they know no matter what they think they can do it won’t do anything to stop what’s happening. The evidence is clear we’re at a crossroads and all signs point to disasters of epic magnitude. No doubt great loses will occur everywhere. Tech can’t change it nor ameriolate it. But it certainly can highlight it through it’s inability to change or stop the inevitable. Everyday; every week; every month; every year; the anty is raised with more bloodshed more lies about why there is bloodshed and finger pointing and blaming. The politicians look as if they are completely on a different planet. Who ever they report to is probably telling them ‘fuck the people.’ In fact, here throw this in there and see if they can make it survive it live from it. Every year there’s a new undiscovered disease that is fatal. Just like Mount Vesuvius the rain of terror and lava continues to percolate and pour down more terror. It’s them and those and they and that and over there. Terror is a moving target today. It’s always somewhere lurking and waiting to stab you; blow you up; shoot you; or just run over you. Now you cant even have sex without a birth disaster.

The most disarming part is watching those in charge do absolutely nothing about anything affecting the people negatively. When they do it’s for political gain be it the media back slap or a position for their spouse in a conglomerate. Sometimes it’s surreal and eerie how they go on doing everything with pomp and pageantry except the right thing right now when it counts for the people that elected them. Fifty people get gunned down and they fly to paris to talk about Global Warming. The jobs report is lousy well let’s see about Iran and begin those talks we’ve been wanting to begin. Oops it’s almost Christmas gotta go home and mull over the budget. And as they mull over their plans Rome is burning down to the ground. Soon and I mean real soon you have to ask yourself: Is this planned or am I sucking down the punch. There is something striking about the force of all these events. How they unfurl into the real from the dark recesses of whatever alchemist that’s hiding in some dungeon or condo fiercely creating and rolling them out with big data accuracy.

It feels like stupid is everyone’s middle name these days. Dumb being the last name. It feels like we’re about to get some news we should have gotten long ago but because it would have let the cat out the bag too soon we were distracted by a hundred different other things none of which made any sense or difference towards the situations we needed to discuss and vote on. But that’s just it we were never part of that group that gets to make those decisions or vote on them. We were part of the group that gets to feel the brunt of the decision after it’s been made. We’re the jack asses the stumps the bag men and women that get to be treated like chumps.

You gotta get schooled to play ball flagrantly like this. Hell before you can toss this kind of shit at people you gotta learn to pitch then lay out the game in a style that makes the other players feel inclusive when you know full well you’re in it for your self and no one else. Not even for the boys and girl scouts. You gotta learn from the master how to play so well that no one would suspect what you are doing and how you are doing it so elegantly slick with the grace of greased lightening. You gotta have guts to pull something of this magnitude off and believe in your heart of hearts you’ll get away with it. And that’s because you’ve been planning this for a long time. You’ve been getting things ready like some tradesman getting ready for the big job. Betrayed by the masters that know how the economy works and have been working it to their advantage from day one while giving the world a completely different perspective. It takes the mastery of a master tradesman. A learned skill that is charismatic and can finesse the lid from an eyeball while it looks you straight in the eye. Therein the economic blind spot. We can’t see how bad it is for us until they pack it in and leave. By then there is nothing left except monstrous edifices that stand for what was never really real to begin with: A fake empire. the economic dark ages commence.

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