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If you have never visited Fresno before, we highly recommend you to do this. Even though Fresno is not among the largest cities in California, it is an amazing tourist destination which has a little bit to offer to any type of tourist. It’s got charming neighborhoods, must see spots which will keep you busy during the holiday, theaters, historical places and amazing natural surroundings thanks to its close location to the Yosemite National Park and the Sequoia National Park. As for museums and art galleries, there are so many great options available that you need to be careful how you plan our time in Fresno so you don’t miss some of the most important ones. Here are a few of our top preferences:

· Fresno Art Museum- While this is not the largest art museum that you have ever visited, the Fresno Art Museum still has plenty to impress you with. Its exhibits aim to represent diversity, so you will admire works of art belonging to almost every culture and location.

· Spectrum Gallery- There is always a friendly specialist ready to explain you everything and show you around, while you can even buy some of your favorite exhibits. You will surely like it.

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