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A changing career course, navigating the bigger system

By MARISA MATA, Student Writer

Holding multiple degrees and credentials from Fresno State, JoDee Marcellin (B.S. 1992, M.P.H. ‘97, Ed.D. 2011) has been able to navigate the “bigger system” of education.

Starting as an athletic trainer at Sanger High School, Marcellin was able to move up and become an administrator, and later work with a nonprofit organization that aims to better California’s education system. Each step in her journey has allowed Marcellin to do more of what she is passionate about — positively influencing students.

As an athletic trainer, Marcellin worked with the United States’ Women’s Volleyball “B” Team, traveled with them internationally on occasion, and later went on to teach at Sanger High School. At Sanger, Marcellin put to use the skills of “networking and taking advantage of opportunities” that she learned while at Fresno State.

“As an athletic trainer, I met many people in athletics, but it also gave me the opportunity to get to know the school administration. It was at a Sanger High School basketball game that an administrator first said I should get my [administrative] credential,” Marcellin states.

Marcellin decided she would, and after completing her credential, she was asked by the school’s principal to try out being an assistant principal. She went into administration, and became the director of grants and program improvement for Sanger Unified School District.

During her last year with Sanger Unified, Marcellin began working with California Education Partners, a nonprofit organization that works to create collaboration between school districts, working through Common Core and helping students succeed.

“I work with a dynamic team to facilitate and empower educators…to work together and learn from each other in transformative ways,” she says. “The joint work will strengthen their understanding and implementation for continuous improvement for all students.”

With the changing course of her career, Marcellin has been able to expand her influence on students — going from 150 students in her classroom to now impacting more than 100,000 students.

“I love being a part of a creative team who is innovative and passionate about success for all students. We are doing fresh, amazing work that is going to have a major impact on thousands of California students who need it the most.”

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