Photos courtesy of Belen Marquez

A whole new meaning to “Bulldog for life”

By ELISA NAVARRO, Student Writer

At Fresno State not only do students receive their education, many of them also meet their other half.

Belen (2011, ’14) and Oscar Vera (2007, ’09) are both Fresno State alumni, however, they did not meet during their time as students.

Belen graduated with her Bachelors in psychology in 2011 and with her Masters in counseling in student services in 2014. Oscar graduated with his Bachelors in criminology in 2007 and with his Masters in rehab counseling in 2009.

“I love Fresno State, I was in the marching band while I was here. All of my marching band memories are strong and going to football games and everything that had to do with school spirit, and it made my academic experience well-rounded,” said Belen.

“Fresno State became the family tradition for my family because my older siblings all came here. So I used to come here in the summer, when I was in high school and that’s really how the tradition started so I always wanted to be a bulldog,” said Oscar.

They are two proud bulldogs with counseling degrees that met after college while working at the same job. They then fell in love and decided to do what followed next: get married.

“We both kind of just came to the decision. We moved in together and we just knew this is what was next and what we wanted along with plans for the future. Eventually we wanted to start a family and being married was important to us,” said Belen.

They were married at the Fresno State Smittcamp Alumni House in August 2017. “We got married here because of how special Fresno State was to both of us,” said Belen, “ I told Oscar about the idea and he liked it right away too because it’s Fresno State and it’s so important to us…”

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