Sitting on the ground: (left to right) Head Coach Britney Audino, Assistant Coach Jennifer Melban

Coach sees a greater good through cheer

By ELISA NAVARRO, Student Writer

For Britney Audino being the Advisor of the Tulare Union High School Cheerleading Squad since Summer 2014 is about more than cheering.

“One of my gifts I feel is being able to reach younger individuals and pushing them to be better people so that gave me the intent where I knew I could make the most impact in my community. And that’s by using my gift and knowledge of cheer so I can help them be better people and then better athletes,” Audino said.

For the squad of 36+ members on JV and Varsity, Audino is not only a coach but also a mentor and a friend to every single one of them. Her passion and work ethic never fails at being resembled through the energy of the squad. Her kids.

“We have a football, a basketball and a competition squad and its kind of allowed more kids more opportunities to try out for both JV and Varsity and also to allow them to have the option of competing.”

“They are the kindest, most loving, hard working kids that I have ever worked with and every year they surprise me even more with how amazing they can be.”

The competition team arose after Audino began coaching and they have competed in the Northern CA Regional Championship, Southern CA Championship, USA Regionals, and even flew out to Florida for the UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship last year and they qualified to compete again in 2017.

The squad is family. As family they not only cheer together, they serve together. Last year they volunteered more than 2,700 hours in their community at events like the 9/11 A Walk to Remember, Honor Flight welcoming, Words Hurt campaign, Color Runs and many more.

“The community service component of our squad is super important. I feel like the kids really get a sense of community and they get to see outside of themselves and outside of cheerleading.”

Through the sweat and tears of their hard work they also have a little fun to bond and look back their memories at their yearly retreat and trips to places like Universal Studios and Hobbes Groves!

Audino has set the tone and foundation for the cheerleading squad along with her assistant coach Jennifer, and it has became a rich culture and family where kids are becoming better people through cheerleading.

“I just know, in working with kids, they have different lives, experiences and things that make them happy or sad. I feel like if I can bring this group of different individuals together and do something for the common good of each other then I am already successful and that gives me motivation everyday.”

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