Style is good, ideas are better

Design without an idea is just style. Style is good but not enough. Style changes - now faster than ever, given the amount of content we share online. Style to some extent has homogenised design. It’s a honeytrap from which there is no escape. Your only defence is combining style with a great idea - then you’re safe. Unless of course someone has the same idea as you - but that’s another conversation altogether.

Ideas come from experiences. As designers we watch, listen and observe -we’re compulsive hoarders of interesting things. The more we experience, the more we accumulate, thereby creating a vast visual vocabulary. The better the vocabulary the better the ideas.

Good ideas endure, they provoke. They manifest themselves in different ways, taking physical form or informing an attitude. For me that’s the best part - seeing an idea applied in lots of different ways across a multitude of touch-points - all with a touch of style.

Everything we do at Freytag Anderson has an idea at its core, a reason for being. Finding that idea is the biggest challenge with any project. Once we have the idea, we shape it, craft it until it becomes beautiful (that’s where style comes in). To borrow some words from the late, great Alan Fletcher; good ideas are - ‘a smile in the mind’.

Daniel Freytag
Founder / Creative Director
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