What kids love most

Every parent knows that children exist at the centre of their own universe. A limitless place where anything is possible and nothing is questioned. A place where imagination rules supreme.

My wife and I have two children, Torin aged 2 and Juno 4. As most parents, we love observing their quirks and interpretations of everyday life. Their first attempts at combining real and imaginary. Words are the best - Thunder and Flashning, Hocolocolate and our favourite Pezunzel. They are a brilliant source of inspiration for both of us, and have inspired our new children's book - HeyWow!

HeyWow! is a new kind of childrens book. A truly personalised book featuring a child's name and face on every beautifully illustrated page. It's Where's Wally meets Paul Rand.

We've now launched HeyWow on Kickstarter. It's been four days and we've already raised around half our goal. Help us to create something special for your children - a book not just for them, but with them in it.

Find out more here and watch our (cringeworthy) intro video. Your kids will love it. Ours did!

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