A hallowing of thought.

Totally not myself lately, (like last few months lately) I have been in a very black place, and it has taken a lot to keep that hidden. I looked to others for help in a time I needed it the most, in which I rarely found comfort, and I disregarded those that have been there my whole life (my family). And now that I am just starting to find some sort of light I hope to never loose that crippling despair. Not that I ever want it back, and I know my heart will never be what it was. But it gave me a scary close look at just how fragile a life can be when making poor decisions. I feel I will grow more in my art, and more in my life now that I see that the world is not perfect. I also realized that no matter who you talk to, we all carry some demons with us. Be considerate, open up when someone opens up to you. I just know this town is not for me, and for the majority of people I meet, my headstone will be just another rock in a field when my day comes. But I hope my sincerity shown through even when I was just a hollow version, and you didn’t really care. “But you keep being feather king keeps getting better til you explode.”

Not out of the hole yet, but I feel my feet.

Heads not in the clouds, but I see the sky.

Heart is restarting, you can hear it thump.

Brain is defrosting, don’t you hear the gears creak?

This robot man still produces sparks.

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