H2H Meets Friend2Friend

How Friendress Hacks H2H Business

In a world of flashing lights, brightly colored billboards and cleverly phrased slogans, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. For instance, imagine standing in the heart of Times Square, the ultimate icon for modern-day commercialism. The experience can be dizzying — your senses are completely overwhelmed, words and information flooding your system from every angle. It can feel as though every company is competing with one another; they’re all vying for your attention, using pixels and LED lights as their weapons of choice.

However, part of the business world is experiencing a shift away from this type of marketing. Instead, companies are beginning to gravitate towards a new type of approach: H2H, or human-to-human. Coined by Bryan Kramer, the term H2H describes a new approach to business. This strategy aims to include a more human touch to every division of a company’s structure, be it advertising or finance. Traditionally, businesses are categorized as either B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-customer), depending on the type of consumer purchasing their product or service. Today, businesses are looking to humanize their brands. It’s no longer a race to see who can design the most elaborate advertisement, or who can come up with the wittiest catchphrase. Instead, businesses are looking to put a face to their names.

Friendress is a part of this shift to H2H business– in fact, its entire premise is built off of these ideals. Friendress is the first network for sharing fashion with friends. Users create virtual closets and request to borrow clothes from their friends. Sharing clothes is something that already takes place and is one of the most intimate social interactions. Friends are constantly raiding one another’s closets, searching for the perfect party dress or outfit. Friendress is a virtual platform that both simplifies and enhances this process. Instead of having to meet up at your friend’s place and start ripping clothes off of hangers left and right, you can first explore their virtual closet to see if they have what you’re looking for. Our model is completely digital, but the experience is just as personal. We strive to create content around this highly personal H2H trend, prioritizing communication and intimacy on our platform over almost everything else.

Friendress establishes its place in the H2H movement in a number of ways. Firstly, our means of marketing is primarily word of mouth. Friendress’ public presence is expanding because people are genuinely excited about what we do. Friends are talking about what makes Friendress so great, and in the process, they’re encouraging newcomers to jump on board. It’s an socially organic chain reaction. For Friendress, conversation is key; we’re constantly looking to initiate dialogue about our brand. We want people talking not only about Friendress itself, but also about why they love their experience on the platform.

At Friendress, we believe in the power of clothing sharing as a means of connecting people in a way that nothing else can. Experiences on our platform strengthen and enhance already existing friendships. This is another reason why Friendress embodies the H2H movement: it’s personal. Sharing clothes is an intimate experience; clothes are a huge part of our everyday lives, and sharing them with others creates an unspoken sense of trust between the two people. The clothes that we wear speak to who we are, so when friends swap clothing items with one another, their relationship grows.

Social media is a vital component of our business. Platforms like Snapchat and Instagram make sharing content increasingly simple. Consumers are able to access information about Friendress with ease by following our Instagram account. Additionally, social media is a vessel through which a two-way dialogue can take place — companies create content, and consumers express their own personal opinions and experiences by commenting and sharing. As a H2H company, we place a great deal of emphasis on this consumer feedback. We want our platform to keep evolving and changing for the better to serve our users. Our social media platforms are tools that help us achieve that goal.

It’s also important to highlight the foundation upon which Friendress is built. The platform is created by college students who know and understand the power of social media. It’s an integral part of our own daily lives; social media fosters communication and human interaction in a fun, engaging way. We use social media to convey the young, playful, and human side of our company that people might not see otherwise. With student Campus Representatives revealing glimpses of their day-to-day lives on Snapchat and an expressive Instagram profile, we’ve been able to humanize our brand. We’ve proven to our followers that we’re just like them, and that we’re just as excited about Friendress as they are.

We started off with a simple human interaction: friends exchanging clothes. Now, H2H has permeated every facet of the Friendress community. We will continue to expand our network by connecting with people both virtually and in person. Real, genuine connections with and between our users gives our platform strength. No matter how large or expansive our brand becomes, you’ll always be able to put a face to the Friendress name.

Written by Julia Shapiro, Writer at Friendress