1. Download Friends At App

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Friends At iOS App - Home Screen

Recently launched on iOS, Friends At has a main function of making catching up with friends easier. It does this through nearby friend notifications and catch-ups that you can “Create” and invite your friends to so no one will forget or get confused where to go.

Friends At also keeps track of places that you’ve been hanging out in the background, even when the app is not running, with very low power consumption. Don’t worry though your data is encrypted and stored in a secure database which is not shared with any 3rd parties.

2. Start Hanging Out at Places

Once you’ve downloaded Friends At it’s up to you to go about living your life and hanging out at your favourite spots. Friends At will pickup the places that you’ve stayed for at least 5 to 10 minutes and store them on the “Places” screen. …

Friends At launched on iOS

We all love catching up with friends, having a chat, enjoying good food and drinks. Friends At is created with the simple purpose of making a Catch Up with friends easier and encouraging you to do so more often. After all, it helps improve your mental and physical health as we described in our last post.

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Friends At vs Snap Map

Friends At is designed with privacy and security from the ground-up to make catching up with Friends easier with opt-in real-time location when needed.

Similar to Snap Map, you can find your friends nearby in Home Radar screen not on a map (improving security). Only friends nearby, within a certain distance are shown on the radar when they enter your vicinity. What this means is that you feel safe in that your actual location won’t be disclosed to any of your friends, nor how far you are away. …

We all generally agree that hanging out with the right group of friends, in positive circumstances improves our mood in the short and long term. Friends make us feel happier, more motivated with a higher level of security in our lives, but we are here today to blow your mind on just how beneficial friends are to our mental and physical health, 5 times over:

1. Positive Social Connections Increase Emotional and Physical Health

In a 2013 study, Kok et al. (2013) found that people’s perception of their positive social connections mediates the upward spiral of improvement that exists in the tie between positive emotions and physical health. The results from the study also portray that when people perceive their social connections more negatively, there positive emotions and physical health are reduced. …


As humans we are always changing. Whether you’re 14 or 41; who you are, what you do, what you don’t do, what you look like and what you eat, among many other aspects, is always being altered, whether slightly or greatly, (especially in today’s social media driven day and age). During periods of high change friendships can be put under major strain as individuals ideas, hobbies, habits and the like can shift from being similar to contradictory.

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While some friends become even closer through aligned change, many friends simply grow apart. It is important during periods of change to be aware that some people will be abrasive and have an issue to the slightly different you. If you are not being accepted and respected after some time and no discussions seem to solve the issues, it may be best to go your separate ways, as there will be plenty of others who will accept the new you. …

Friends At

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