About a week ago I received an AppleWatch. I like it. It is sleek, it is stylish, it is cool — but I’m still looking for the killer app (as many are — just read the NYTime article).

After a week of wearing it daily, I find that I can leave my phone in my pocket, on my desk or charging in the kitchen while eating dinner and IF I get a “ding” I can quickly review the note and see if it requires a response (which I do 90% of the time from the phone or computer).

Messages that require quick “OK” or “Yes” responses are fine but again, anything more dislodges the phone from my pocket. I have DarkSky (which I love) on my phone and the watch app installed. It works but generally it is slow and buggy. I have used RunKeeper on my watch (to start and end the workout) and been checking my heart rate from time to time and change the volume or song on my iPhone while walking home.

The battery is good (I have the 42mm watch). When I set it on the charger at night I generally have 40–45% left on the watch (that is wearing it for 15–17 hours). That has been nice and a bit unexpected.

Apple announced their quarterly results that include the first 3 months of AppleWatch sales. They did not give specific numbers (which caused a lot of people to question the results). Another NYTimes article sums up the slow ramp up of first version of the hardware, integration of the software (version 1.01) and developers getting comfortable with what the device can and cannot do.

I’m excited about AppleWatch 2.0 (planned release this fall with iOS 9 and Mac OS 10.11). The advances will offer some nice improvements in the way the watch works and what it can do on its own (without the iPhone sitting within bluetooth range — about 30').

Holidays 2015 could be a big hit for Apple if the update, apps and integrations all come together as everyone is hoping.

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