The Friendship League assembles to battle post-Startup Weekend blues

In the beginning…

For many, Startup Weekend is an insane 54 hours of energy, excitement, hard work, tears and inevitably joy. Many swear never to do it again, others get ‘hooked’ and become startup-junkies, attending weekend after weekend, all the while suffering from withdrawal symptoms in between. But what do those who fall in the middle do? Do we just walk away from the amazing team we formed? Do we just catch up for coffee every couple of months? Do we just like their posts on Facebook? For our team, this seemed like a very sad ending. Being the trouble makers we are, we decided to make it the beginning!

And so begins the Friendship League. A league of Startup Weekend vets driven by curiosity, and entrepreneurial spirit and mostly ants-in-pants syndrome seeking to make the world a better place!

How to start a league…

Let’s start with the definition of a league: a collection of people, countries, or groups that combine for a particular purpose, typically for mutual protection or cooperation. Our league is no different. We have come together to correct a great wrong — our boredom.

Like all high functioning leagues, we needed a charter. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to building your league charter.

Step 1) Gather in a sacred location (anywhere with a white board & Wi-Fi really)

Our sacred location 1871 — a non-profit digital startup incubator located in the Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Illinois

Step 2) Identify and agree on why you want to be in the league

The purpose of the League

Step 3) Identify the core values of the league

The values important to the League

Step 4) Commitment & how the League will work

Our commitment to each other

With these 4 simple steps the Friendship League had all it needed to begin fulfilling its purpose.