Shuffle has been available for almost a year now, and it’s about time we move the detection-needle with Shuffle. Since last time we wrote about Shuffle, it’s evolved to the point where “anything is possible” — for better or worse. It’s good, as the product can do a lot. Bad because it’s not focused enough. That’s why for the foreseeable future, we’ll write multiple blogposts monthly, highlighting exactly how we are and will solve problems with Shuffle. Maybe we’ll solve yours too.

Our goal is to make the life of analysts easier and more fulfilling, and to get there we…

With a high impact year with high growth behind us, Shuffle has now turned it’s eyes towards becoming a sustainable business. This however, isn’t a small task for an open source project — which is why we’ve now partnered with these great people. Partnerships can take many forms, and Infopercept have proven themselves to have a genuine interest and expertise in the cyber security field, which exactly why we partnered with them to create a new offering. They are a delight to work with, and with a shared vision for Shuffle, we’ll get more done together.

Why partner?

The hardest part of…

Shuffle is an open source automation platform for and by the security industry. Our goal is to help the cyber security industry by providing collaborative tools for automation. We were initially released as an Open Source project on the 20th of May 2020–6 months ago. It’s since then had huge success in user-adoption, feature additions, bug fixing and business development. This post will outline what’s happened and what we’re doing going forward.

As previously described, Shuffle started as a passion project to make automation accessible and understandable by security analysts and their management, which is still our mission. Overloaded…

TheHive webhook automation made easy
TheHive webhook automation made easy

Automation is useful to everyone — especially in Cyber security. Leadership wants their KPIs and graphs. How do you produce them? Automation. Managers want to know how their team is performing. How can you make this easier for them? Automation. Analysts don’t want to see the same old alerts. How do you manage fatigue? Automation.

All these are solvable tasks with a few clicks in Shuffle. How? Read on.

This is the fourth part of a series about Shuffle and automation. Previous posts have focused on understanding and using Shuffle in a general sense of the word, with this iteration…

Misalignment between practitioners and leadership in Infosec is normal. Leadership may decide to buy a product or service the practitioners are not fond of, but demand an implementation. That means you need to integrate it fully into your processes and procedures. How do you do that however? It’s a hard issue and usually takes a lot of time and effort. But what if it doesn’t have to?

Shuffle gives you options to explore the platform from a programmatic point of view, whether you’re technical or not, and gives access to open standards to build implementations in minutes rather than months…

Getting started with any new and shiny tool is hard, but exciting. My job is to demystify and make it fun and easy. SOAR and Open Source tools can be complicated messes if done wrong, but we’re avoiding that like the plague with Shuffle. This post will bring some much needed light to installation, user creation and workflow editing. It’s aimed at analysts, developers and anyone wanting to learn about automation, and makes you proficient at creating and running basic workflows.

The end result from this blogpost

This post is the second part in a series of blog posts about Shuffle. We’ve previously delved into what…

A workflow for TheHive IOC’s

All blue teams and information security departments have to two problems in common: alert fatigue and a lack of development. If you don’t give security professionals hard puzzles to solve, but rather fires to fight, and the environment stagnates, it will eventually lead to turnover. This is a common theme in incident response teams, and Shuffle is looking to solve it. How can these issues be tackled head on however? Read on and I’ll introduce you to the magic of Open Source.

Shuffle was started as a hobby project about a year ago (mid 2019). I was writing the same…

Having move to server side rendering to fix SEO, my server loads started taking up to 7 seconds. If you’re familiar with web development, you know that that’s unacceptable. I checked caching, database optimizations, function configurations and more, but below is the real trick to get 0.5 second load times.

The issue of cold starts

While using Firebase hosting, a request initially took about 1 second, or less if it was cached. After migrating to Server Side Rendering with Cloud Functions, I wasn’t sure why it would take 7 seconds, as my local environment was super quick. I tried to improve the database load times…

Two people relaxing and learning
Two people relaxing and learning

While bored at home, you might be looking to pick up a few new skills or tools. Lucky for us all, companies around the world are now providing free resources of almost any kind. These items range from language learning apps to paid video content and services (SaaS). I created the list as I couldn’t find one and thought more people might be looking for one.

Some trending tags to look for more: #DontStopLearning & #LearnFromHome

If you know any other good resources to add, tweet me at @frikkylikeme

The following topics are covered: Marketing learning, Webshops, Video learning platforms…

Today is about simplicity. Users don’t want to download an app or sign up to your website to use a simple feature. With the social media and messaging landscape of today, there is no better integration than a chatbot. Take a look at china: they literally live and breathe WeChat. The western landscape is moving in this direction as well, with well over 60% of adults being on Facebook, which also means Messenger. Want to create a great customer experience? Create a good chatbot.

With so many options out there however, why would you ever write it yourself? To me…


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