The unsexy, unthankful, but essential jobs of IT and Infosec

Nov 10 · 3 min read

With a background in incident response (digital forensics & automation), SOC alert handling, system administration and helpdesk, I don’t feel like I’m in a unique position talk about this, and might be unqualified to do so, but want to write this post as a short tribute to all those out there keeping the enterprise and small businesses working.

People in information security and IT are in general elitists (I sure am one, or used to be one myself). We might think we know your job better than you just by being “better” at computers than you, but we’re really just a bunch of people that worked on that one small thing for a few more hours than one would think reasonable. If you’re just getting started in any of these fields, don’t be frightened. It’s REALLY not that hard. Most of the time. It just takes persistence. It takes the will to learn. People will try to talk you down. People will blame you. People will not thank you. But keep your chin up and know that you are one of the people keeping the enterprise working. Oh, the power..

We do a lot behind the scenes with seemingly no impact. Giving the nagging manager the next months statistics. Answering that same question from a user. Making sure that system is working as expected. Writing a configuration to fix that new shiny system your boss bought without asking you. Writing that script that apparently doesn’t work, but all of a sudden triggered a hundred new alerts. Making that shiny new server running so that their shitty and unscalable application can keep running. Giving the manager another statistic that really doesn’t make sense.

If it breaks; What are they paying you for? If it is working as expected; what are they paying you for?

These things do have an impact however. You do have an impact. You built that damn application. You delivered those metrics. You did everything asked of you in a day less than what was expected. You kept the machine churning. You kept the money rolling. These are the things that people in “business roles” can’t seem to grasp about your role. This is probably why most IT people despise a lot of people in “business roles”. Sales. Communications. HR. Marketing. They just want that damn system to work. It can’t be that hard?

Yes. It really is that hard. One thing might be or seem easy, but keeping the whole thing rolling is stupendously hard.

We (you, really) are the brilliant, thankless security and IT janitors of the enterprise. You keep it rolling. Thank you.

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