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Give. It. Up. Lindsey. You’re embarrassing yourself.

Yes, we know that the Republican party functions best when it has a Satan it can demonize.

Yes, we know that you and your Congressional colleagues are far more comfortable with and capable of tearing things down rather than building them up (cf. all the “progress” made since taking power that the GOP has made — just trashing Obama reforms and not offering anything substantive with which to replace them).

And yes, we know that the amount of intellectual, patriotic courage evident in both the Republican leadership and its rank-and-file is essentially equal to the amount of humility and conceptual subtlety of its presidential leader.

But Hillary Clinton’s emails, fer chrissakes? Lindsey, that ship has sailed, that quart of milk is past is sell-by date, the batteries powering that sad, demented bit of out-of-proportion persecution have drained to a degree that no Energizer Bunny’s energetic bass-drum pounding can reënergize them.

Sure, there are many in the GOP’s snarling “Lock her up!” base that would love to see Clinton raked over the coals yet again. And again. And again. Deplorable misogyny and self-righteous snottiness know no bounds. But the rest of America? Not just the left but more importantly the broad middle? We want action on matters that directly affect our lives, our health, our jobs, and our futures — and the futures of our kids and grandkids.

You don’t offer action, you offer distraction. And to be perfectly frank, it’s making you and your party look not only nasty and ineffectual, but more than a little silly.

Give. It. Up. Lindsey. You’re embarrassing yourself.