Staring into 70 kph winds on Mám Éin, Connemara, Easter 2015.

I’ve finally decided to do it.

I have so far kept hidden probably the most precious facet of my poetry, spirituality. It is a huge passion of mine, and I am constantly searching for ways to experience my own Spirit.

It is my belief that if life is a tree, each one of us is a trefoil leaf in its branches. Every one of us are made up of our own personal Trinity. The first is our mind, the Creator. Thought becomes action, and actions create. The second is our body, the Son. It is fully present here in the physical plane, but is also fully connected to our more abstract mind and spirit. It carries out the Creator’s work here on Earth. The third and final part is our soul, the Holy Spirit. It permeates every fibre of our being and is of God, just as the Holy Spirit permeates all creation and is of God.

In today’s world, only the first two are catered for, and increasingly so, only the body is portrayed by the media and modern society. Yes, the new fitness epidemic has benefits, but what effect is it having on people’s mental health as they face increasing pressure to have ‘that’ body. I don’t even need to go into the extreme sexualisation of our culture.

The key to life is balance, a balance of each aspect of our essential Trinities.

This week’s publication is not what I’d call a poem, more of a manic discourse. It wasn’t my first abstract or spiritual poem, but it’s by far the strangest and craziest, and I feel that I can’t start sharing my other spiritual poems without giving you this first.

It was written at a time when I was undergoing what some would call a spiritual awakening. I’d just left home, started college, and as I was in premed I had plenty of time to think and lots to experience. I remember writing it while I was supposed to be studying for my Christmas exams and handing it to my buddy Des with shaking hands. The first thing he said was, “Henry if you showed that to someone on the street they’d think you were crazy!”, he didn’t know what it was, and nor did I.

But maybe that’s what I am, crazy, cracked. So that’s what I’m going to do; show it to all of you out there on the virtual streets of social media. For who knows how many countless hours our fingers have spent paving their glassy paths, inundated with metaphorical flashy cars, shocking encounters, and sewage from the gutter.

So read and be shocked, or experience whatever emotion this piece insights in you. Thank you.

A Vision For A New World

All life thrives on adversity, we cannot evolve in body or mind in luxury, we must challenge ourselves to reach new heights.

Saltwater organisms are generally more complex than freshwater organisms,land organisms are generally more complex than aqueous organisms, how did we, us homo sapiens, end up top of the pile?

We left our natural place of habitat and travelled the world, we stared adversity in the face; we used our minds to create tools to aid us.

And just as then we moved from the physical to the psychological, now we must move from the physical, the material, to the psychological, the spiritual; we must open our minds to the universal subconscious that awaits us!

The time is here, we can all feel it in the depths of our subconscious awareness; that is the reason for all the economical and political unrest! For the times they are achanging, and those that don’t want it to change are trying to grab as much of the world they know as they can, no matter if they destroy the Earth ,before the winds, the storms, of change come raining down upon us!

We are on the crest of a wave, the people are rising; we must ride that wave, for the ocean that resides on the other side of it is beautiful, free, and pure!

We are entering a new age of connection, communication, love, and togetherness! Be ready, open your eyes, the answer is here,turn away from the lies, for if we close our minds, we shall be smashed by this huge wave of change along with this greedy, selfish, unloving, corporate world we have built!

This is the vision I was given, this is the vision I received, THIS is my vision for the world.

As I said I was going through something of a spiritual awakening, and looking back on the experience I think it was my subconscious screaming to the rooftops about the transition my psyche was making. Whether or not I reached that beautiful ocean is highly debatable, and I’d probably be arguing against the motion myself.

I did, however, enter into a new way of thinking, away from the bounds of my parents teachings about the world. I was for the first time, experiencing all these things for myself and was beginning to create my own world view. I have since moved far from the old indoctrinated beliefs I was tied to for the majority of my adolescence, and have found something of my own spiritual story, one I plan to continue.

Reading back on this, and pondering the world’s current state, maybe I wasn’t so far off! Sometimes the deceit in the world today gets me down, one can never know what’s true anymore.. and that ocean does sound so awfully nice.

So here’s to a new, peaceful, and interconnected future. You can’t change the whole world, but you can change yourself. Thanks for reading.

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