Can Single Nutritional Sachets and Sampler Packs Dramatically Speed Up The Health Renaissance?

How can a 30 Dollar Sampler Cylinder Dramatically Speed Up The Health Renaissance?

Can entrepreneurs solve the following two problems?

  1. Toxic binders in vitamins.
  2. Overpriced multipacks of supplements.


Product I — High Quality Singles

High quality nutraceutical singles. Individual packets of pure vitamins and minerals, making basic nutritional health care finally available to everyone.

Magnesium Chloride, Liposomal Vitamin C, Coq10, Potassium Iodide….

Product II — 7 Dollar Starter Pack

A $7 starting pack with one each of the above.

Product III— 30 Dollar Cylinder

I want to buy a 30 dollar cylinder containing:

5 capsules Coenzyme Q10.
30 ml magnesium oil spray. Magnesium chloride in a solution.
5 X 1 gram packets of Methylsulfonylmethane. (MSM)
5x Liposomal vitimin C single packets.
5x Chromium tablets.
5 X B Methylated complex.
50 drops Nascent Iodine in distilled water or vinegar.

Provide Information at Point of Sale

A laminated information card or booklet, containing basic information on these supplements, including contraindications and cautions. A link to a free pdf or mp3, downloadable on a smartphone, containing more information.


  1. Minerals and vitamins are full of binders. Tablets are expensive, wasteful, difficult to produce, with a high markup. Only the seller benefits.

2. Twenty dollar boxes of vitamins are beyond the reach of modern workers, especially considering the price of a full spectrum of vitamins will cost 2–300 dollars.

5–6 Billion People are Left Behind in The Vitamin Market

How many billions of people are cut out of the vitamin market with these ridiculous seller models?

1. Failure to solve these two problems has cost the vitamin industry billions in lost markets.

2. Many currently available vitamin singles are laced with asparatame and sugar.

3. Preventable mineral deficiencies cause diseases, which in turn overburden health systems.

4. As self-diagnosis can be risky; in the future, nutraceuticals combined with mineral deficiency testing will make a surer diagnosis.

Large Scale: Industrial Sized Boxes

For larger scale sellers, a fifty dollar box of singles will;

1) Provide an immediate income to unemployed workers.
2) Provide desparately needed nutrition to low income families.

The holy grail of modern nutrition may be a single packet that provides one shot of vitamin C, magnesium, iodine, etc. in an unadulterated powdered form.

Not medical advice. Please check with your local Doctor and Sherrif.

The free market will rise again…

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