Freelance Longevity Researcher, 20USD Per Hour

Two weeks ago I compiled a huge list of 110 links related to public longevity research. If anyone’s interested, I can work for 20USD an hour compiling some of those links into order. I focused on:

- Low Level Laser Therapy

- Methylene Blue

- Carboxy Therapy

- Dry CO2 baths

- Ultra Sonic and LED light therapy.

- Telomerase, TA-65 and Astralagus extracts

- Dry fasting

I can’t promise the secret of immortality, but I can save you a lot of time trawling through snake-oil and broken promises.

The rough document I release will serve as a springboard for your own research. Be warned, it will be a loose collection of links, excerpts, supplements and leads. I’ll do my best to filter all the nonsense out.

Readers will have to do their own follow up studying. It’s not easy. Longevity research is a swamp full of charlatans, but there is some truth there if you dig deep. At the very least, we can find safe supplements, like CoQ10 and Thiamine, that give us increased energy and endurance in the physical world.

My Paypal is, if you wish to donate. As soon as some money comes, I’ll start work.

If you want to fund grassroots research into life extension, the offer is open.