For the First Time in 40 Years, this Reaganite will Vote for a Democrat
Reaganites Opposing Trump

By supporting Trump you are for:

Lying, womanizing, cheating people out of their money, not paying your bills, bankrupting one company after another, knowing nothing at all about foreign policy, not understanding the Constitution at all, jailing your political opponents, and believing that shouting louder than the other guy wins the argument. You can’t figure out why we don’t use our nukes more often, you really think very little of the people who live in other countries, but you will certainly let them do all the hard work you won’t do, because you don’t have to pay them all that much.

Does it bother you that the seasonal labor who work at Mar-A-Lago are foreign-born? Does it bother you that the Make America Great Again caps were made in China? Does it bother you that he talks about groping and assaulting women, because he’s a celebrity, and can do what he wants?

I’m no fan of Hillary, but, sadly enough, this time, she is the most qualified nominee for the office. Unfortunately, that speaks more to faults within ourselves than with anything else.

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