‘the number of people who actually use firearms to stop said crimes from going further, or who have…
E.J. Sadler

Kleck & Gertz’s study has been debunked multiple times. Its poor use of statistical analysis has been derided by anyone familiar with the subject: they interviewed 5,000 people via phone, 66 of whom answered in the affirmative that they’d used guns for self-defense, and G&K extrapolated that over the entire population of the United States — which includes infants, of course — and came up with the 2.5 million number. That was in 1992.

You’re quoting one scientific study that has been debunked, and then several websites that already believe that study to be true, and then the author of the same study, who has even admitted than many of the uses of said guns were probably illegal themselves.

Again, if you believe that guns are absolutely necessary for the defense of your home, fine, buy one. But let the rest of us sleep more peacefully knowing that a) you know how to use it and b) you practice reasonable firearms safety. I also believe that people who shoot themselves or others mistakenly should have their weapons taken away, since, according to the NRA, “there are no accidents when it comes to firearms safety.”