A world without Chocolate could soon be a reality!

By 2050 a bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate could be a luxury or even extinct. Man’s blatant dependence on fossil fuels and ignorance of green energy sources has resulted in rising temperatures and drastic climate change. We have failed to address climate change and this has cost us the loss of wildlife and animals as well as arable soil. The polar bear population has dropped by 40 percent, the pacific bluefish tuna is headed toward extinction and California is slowly turning into a desert thanks to droughts.

All signs point to a pretty terrifying future for Earth if scientists’ warnings about climate change are not heeded and acted upon. Global warming and shifting climates are putting a massive strain on the agricultural sector. Sara Yason of the Global Post wrote a report on how weather extremes will change our lifestyles in just over a few decades. By 2020 we could see a potential cocoa shortage resulting in huge price hikes.

Reports of chocolate consumption exceeding production points to the deficit only growing further. This demand is causing prices of chocolate to rise steeply and while the point of a higher population with a larger disposable income existing, countries such as Ghana and the Ivory Coast report a dip in cocoa production.

At the recent G20 Summit President Barack Obama stressed the urgency of addressing climate change. China and India’s jump in chocolate consumption has seen them sign a deal to bring down carbon emissions. Together we all need to work towards changing our climate or very soon we may be living in a chocolate-less world.

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