Spring in the Polish Tatra Mountains.

Writing forms in React is hard. It requires a lot of boilerplate to code a state management logic, validation rules and input handlers. There are dozens of solutions that reduce this pain a bit, like the most popular now — Formik. On the other hand, inputs need a reusable design system that can offer attractive design, is cross browser tested and easy to be combined into various layouts. This problem is being solved by UI frameworks like Material UI, but they give only a customizable look and assume that you manage a state on your own. …

This article is a continuation of the previous one where i wrote that You might not need WordPress. I initially planned to describe the process for competitive Prose.io but it’s future is uncertain whereas Netlify CMS is maintained very well and today it seems to be the best Content Management System for Static Site Generators. During the writing process of this tutorial, i tried to extract only the essentials and put everything into one place or refer to specific official docs.

For people unfamiliar with the topic, the Static Site Generator is a trending concept of creating non-complex websites without…

Today we will talk about building small sites with content management interface where programming skills are not necessary to update or edit the content, for example, an agency page or simple publishing platform such as a blog or magazine. Because projects like this are not too big and probably have a small budget, you need a lean solution. What came to mind at first is WordPress. Everyone uses it! But is this currently the best choice? WordPress has become so popular that people do not even consider alternative solutions. However, each year, newly improved tools are constantly being developed.

The biggest disadvantages of WordPress


Relaxing views from a summer trip to the Polish Bieszczady mountains

A number of times during the last few weeks, i was faced with the situation of someone telling me they want to become a web developer (more often i hear a word programmer) and ask me how to start — Which language should i learn? Which part should I tackle first? How should i begin my learning process?

There is no correct answer. Every person is different and has their own unique capabilities. Each part of the web technology world requires various skills. On the other hand, technologies evolve or decline, leaving place for new ones. …

Coding pure CSS component in favorite co-working

Let’s assume you have an idea for a web app and you have already collected a team, prepared initial mockups and done some user experience research which shaped a final graphic design. You have also chose a technology stack. In this case, you are on the final path to building an MVP — coding an app.

Two sides of an app — which matters more?

An App consists of two main parts: backend and frontend. This separation has become more distinct over recent years. In the world of web apps, the backend part always looks similar — you need a hosting server, a database, a connection to the database…

Michał Kokociński

Founder of Fronthack, a toolkit for frontend web developers used by many European startups and government agencies. Primary focus on HTML, CSS and React.

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