Get access to the highest Yield opportunities in DeFi

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Frontier <> iEarn

TLDR: Introducing Lend and Earn on Frontier Wallet with the native integration of, a simplified aggregator that optimizes lending into the highest yielding protocols.

With Frontier new Lend and Earn feature, users now get access to high lending rates in DeFi using existing mobile wallets such as Coinbase Wallet, Metamask mobile, Trust Wallet, imToken, Fortmatic through Frontier Mobile interface.

Existing iEarn user can track and manage (Supply and Withdraw) from Frontier’s Mobile interface. Connect the wallet you used and perform the related operations.

Note: Frontier never asks users to import private keys or seed phrases. Users select the wallets they want to use and sign a transaction on the wallet side (Native wallet…

Manage your existing MakerDAO vaults and DSR from Frontier’s Mobile interface.

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Frontier x MakerDAO

We are thrilled to announce Native support for MakerDAO Borrow and Save into Frontier Mobile interface. First DeFi App to manage all your MakerDAO Vaults and DSR without giving away your private keys.

MakerDAO Vault owners won’t have to use dApp browsers to manage positions anymore. Frontier plays as interface and for confirming the transactions, we connect to the user’s preferred wallets in a novel way using TxLink Frontier’s built-in solution to sign the transactions. Frontier supports Leading Mobile wallets such as Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask Mobile, imToken and Fortmatic.

MakerDAO Vault owners can perform Deposit, Withdraw, Generate, and Payback Operations. Frontier also supports MakerDAO Vault tracking and Smart DeFi Notifications making it super easy for Vault owners to keep Track + Manage + Notify everything at one single place. …

Coinbase wallet users to access #DeFi through Frontiers Mobile interface.

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TLDR: Excited to announce the integration of Coinbase Wallet to Frontier’s Mobile interface, enabling users to access Native DeFi dApps on Mobile without having to import Seed phrases or Private keys

Using Frontiers mobile interface, Coinbase Wallet Users can access

  • Track complete DeFi Portfolio and Smart DeFi Notifications
  • Access Native DeFiZaps ( Provide liquidity to Uniswap pools)
  • Access Native iEarn Finance (Earn the highest interest rates in DeFi)
  • Exchange Tokens using Native

Note: Frontier never asks users to import private keys or seed phrases, nor we support wallet creation. …

Stay Alert, Stay SAFU with Frontier’s smart DeFi Notifications.

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DeFi Notifications on Frontier

Frontier is excited to introduce Smart DeFi Notifications on Mobile. Get notified on every minuscule change associated with your DeFi Positions on your smartphone and manage your positions better at the same time. Hence making it super easy for users to Track, Notify, and Manage DeFi all at a single place.

Frontiers Notifications Module

1. Ethereum and ERC20

  • Incoming and Outcoming Transactions: Notifies when you receive ETH or any ERC-20 tokens on your Ethereum Address.
  • Interaction with Smart contracts: Notifies when you interact with any Smart contract.
  • Dex Trades: Notifies when you perform any DEX Trades.

2. MakerDAO and InstaDApp

  • Anti Liquidation Alerts: Notifies if you are Vaults or CDPs are at Risk of getting Liquidated. So that users can perform necessary actions such as Repay or Supply to avoid getting the vault or CDP getting liquidated. …

Frontier integrates the Trust Wallet SDK to make the DeFi experience on Mobile more seamless and transaction signing more convenient.

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TLDR: Thrilled to announce the integration of Trust Wallet SDK into Frontier to facilitate seamless transaction signing and brining magical DeFi Experience by building a native dApp and letting existing wallets handle the key management.

With this integration, Trust wallet users can now import the Public Eth address in one click into Frontier and start tracking DeFi Portfolio and perform DeFi operations such as

  • Lending 🤑
  • Providing Liquidity using Native DeFiZap
  • Exchanging tokens using Native 🔄
  • Managing your MakerDAO and InstaDApp Vaults and CDPs

Say No more to dApp browser and Install Frontier NOW!



The Magical Experience

The integration helps Frontier to further improve the UX and Transaction signing. …

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We’re thrilled to announce our latest integration with DeFiZap — enabling one-click access to DeFi income opportunities with ‘Native Zaps’ through Frontier’s mobile app!

As an emerging project in #DeFi, DeFiZap showcases the true power of composability by combining lending, margin trading and pooling elements into unique Zaps. Users deploy assets like ETH in a Single click across multiple protocols — saving time, money and effort when it comes to accessing the innovative financial products built on Ethereum.

💸Lending,⛽️Staking 🦄Pooling, 🚀Leveraged Liquidity Pooling and more.

Over 9,087 ETH has been deployed into DeFi via ⚡️1000+ Zaps⚡️ since the official launch on December 10th. …

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TLDR: We are excited to launch TxLink — A middleware between dApps and mobile wallets like MetaMask, TrustWallet, Coinbase Wallet for transaction signing. Two prominent reasons for building this: 1) Removing platform dependency for users. 2) Simplifying Multiple Address Management.

Our vision behind building TxLink is to let users interact with dApps through their preferred wallet on Mobile without forcing them to create a new wallet or to import private keys or seed phrases of existing wallets. TxLink is a middle layer that enables building a Native dApp and letting the existing wallets handle the key management.

What is Wallet Composability?

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MakerDAO Protocol’s DAI is the world’s first asset-backed decentralized stablecoin (pegged against the USD, 1 DAI = 1 USD) built on the Ethereum blockchain and the leading stablecoin of decentralized finance. Recently MakerDAO announced its protocol upgrade adding support to Multi Collateral DAI (MCD) which will enable users to mint DAI by keeping multiple cryptocurrencies such as ETH and BAT as collateral and DAI Saving Rate which enables users to earn interest on locking DAI in DSR Contract, the interest is paid from the MakerDAO’s stability fees.

About 93.60% of the supply has been migrated to DAI from SAI (Legacy DAI) and has 68.14% DAI Dominance. …

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Frontier x Matic Network

Bangalore, India / January 3, 2020 / Decentralised Finance wallet, Frontier partners with a Leading L2 Scaling solution, Matic Network as an official staking service provider to further expand the Matic ecosystem and provide a user-friendly interface for staking in a Non-custodial way on Mobile.

Frontier makes it easy for users to stake their MATIC tokens on the validators from any wallet. Users using Metamask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, imToken, Portis, and Formatic can stake directly onto the validators via Frontier wallet without giving away private keys and in a non-custodial way. …

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What is Frontier Wallet?

Simple and secure wallet for accessing DeFi at your mobile, without giving your private keys.

Why is it Secure?

  1. We strongly believe in `Not your Keys Not your Coins`, therefore we do not ask for your private keys.
  2. We connect your existing DeFi wallets and addresses in one app in a novel and secure way.
  3. We never ask for any of your personal information.

What problem does Frontier Wallet solve?

DeFi space is exploding and in 2 years, we have 10s of protocols and user-facing products. …



Frontier natively integrates multiple DeFi Protocols and wallets making it super easy for users to Track, View and Manage positions across DeFi protocols

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