How to Add a Color Palette to Photoshop?

2 min readOct 21, 2014

When you work together with others (designers from inhouse/external teams, freelancers) it makes no sense that everybody defines colors manually. Instead you can import a color palette in Photoshop for instance.

This is good for three reasons:

  1. You can make sure that everyone uses the same colors.
  2. You can save time for all involved persons.
  3. You won’t mix up colors of different projects.

Still, adding a color palette to Photoshop can be confusing sometimes. Mostly you’ll have a *.aco file you want to add to your Photoshop. Here is how it works flawlessly:


Step 1

Extract your colors from Frontify by opening the Style Guide and click on the Photoshop (*.aco) button.

Step 1: Download Color Palette

Step 2

Open the color palette in Photoshop and click on Load Swatches.

Step 2: Load Swatches into Photoshop

Hint: If you just double click on your *.aco file, it won’t load as a color palette in Photoshop and through you an error.

Happy Coloring =)

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