Why Soccer is World’s Best and Most Popular Sport

We like challenges; challenges shape our character, make life interesting and meaningful. And when challenge comes in the form of playing a sport like soccer, life becomes an adventure.

Well, if you are a sports lover, probably you would love to enjoy some of the live experiences by your own foot. However, it’s not just about playing soccer as a sport, rather, it’s a matter to be felt. For many fans, soccer provides an opportunity to let their emotions all out. It’s not just about being a mere spectator, instead, it’s about being a participant who can deliberately “live the experience” of the game.

Soccer makes men work together, and their involvement generate the spur into the fans. The way fans go crazy to cheer up their favorite teams is truly a sight to be cherished. With every goal comes a scream of joy, whereas, with every missed opportunity comes a wrath of fury. Soccer is everything to the players who devote their life to this game. They get defined by the hard work, sacrifice and dedication. Some being in the managerial roles strategize from behind the scenes, while others get the glory by their brilliant executions on the field.

Wondering what’s so special about this game? Well, frontsmother.com has developed an attractive infographic for you, which not only offers a great visual treat, but would also tell you 16 Reasons why soccer is world’s best and most popular sport.
Just go through the infographic and find out why people all over the globe are so crazy about soccer.

Passion Surrounding the Sport
  1. People have gone to the extreme to show how truly passionate they are about soccer. The way they cheer, the way they cry out of joy clearly indicates their involvement in the game.
Source of Inspiration

2. It’s a good thing to idolize soccer stars. Their hard work and commitment can instigate a desire, a dream, a vision into anyone quite effectively.

Global Reach

3. Irrespective of ethnicity, religion and culture, this game brings everyone together. And this is what makes soccer so popular.

Football — It’s Anyone’s Game

4. Soccer is played on the poorest streets as well as in rich countries. This game can be played anywhere with minimal equipment.

The History Is Woven into The Culture of Many Countries

5. According to the historians, similar games like soccer used to be played by the Romans, Greeks and several other tribes long ago. However, this game has evolved quite a lot in the modern era.

Diversity — The Best Football League in the World

6. There are various football leagues such as UEFA Champions league, English Premier League, Spanish Premier League that are characterized by unique qualities. From those matches, a true fan can experience the variety of gameplay to his heart’s content.

Football — It’s A Fast-Paced Game

7. Soccer’s fluidity and lack of stoppages give it an edge over other sports. Due to the continuous nature of other sports, you get to see players giving their very best at a stretch for one and half hour.

Normalcy in physique

8. Normalcy in physique: To be a champion of this game, one doesn’t need to be a heavy physique. All that matters in this game are agility, improvisation and presence of mind.

Thrill of Uncertainty

9. During the tenacious 90 minutes of the game, anything can happen! You won’t be able to move anywhere leaving the stadium or your TV sets.

10. Epic Rivalries: In soccer, rivalries tend to be passionate as well as nasty. It’s often during the rival matches that legends are made and remembered forever.

Skill and Technique

11. To watch world class players exhibiting their finesse on the green fields is a matter to be cherished. While approaching the net, it becomes a game of inches, and that’s when the real talent emerges.

12. It Is a Team Sport:

Fans go to the stadiums not just to see their favorite player, they go to watch the team game. This also uplifts our desire to be more co-operative in our respective fields of professionalism.

13. Dramatic Announcers:

Needless to say, intense commentary is one of the sole things of soccer. And when tinged with the inner emotions, those words involve us more deeply to the game.

14. Tactical implementations:

It’s a matter of joy to see how individual players play their respective roles according to the situation. We have a lot to learn from them how improvisation plays a vital role in providing the expected output in time.

15. Spectacular Events:

When it comes to the club matches, there lies the chance of seeing international team members trying to get the upper hand against each other. This heightens the magnitude of the game to a greater extent.

16. There’s no such thing as an offseason:

If you are a football fan, you don’t need to get bored any time of the year. Several league matches are there to entertain us throughout the year. Thus, this game entangles us with its everlasting charm.