Logically Speaking…

The idea that not all people may perceive logic the same way saddens me, for it is the one language I feel I truly know how to speak, the thread which holds the patchwork of my universe together. I look down on those who blindly believe and trust in powers they do not understand, cannot prove, explain, that they do not question, but is that not ultimately the same thing I do? Believe in logic, trust in it because it seems to make sense to me without really knowing why, without really questioning if what I perceive to be logical really is? It is an imperfect experiment, observing and analysing the world around me even while I am a part of it, a never-ending attempt to reason, explain and discover, to understand the very rules and limitations that we as animate objects made of electrons, neurons, protons are subject to even while being subject to them. And is that not the true reason why we can make sense of the world around us, understand its processes — how we can see a logic in the way things behave? Because our brains and bodies work in the very same way? Whatever the answers to these questions may be, I will forever find solace in the wave of satisfaction that overcomes me whenever I feel a piece of a puzzle sink into place, the comforting embrace of knowledge and understanding, even if that understanding may merely be an illusion.

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