ICO for production and export of fruits from Maharashtra (India)

The basic idea of this project is to grow international standards fruits, starting with pomegranate for export purposes.

India is one of the best quality pomegranate producer and exporter and Maharashtra state procedures 70% of total pomegranate volume in the country.

We will be coming with detailed plan soon, like quick fact guide, white paper and website.

Farming is one of the neglected sector now a days due to urbanization and divided land sizes also new companies are making new employment opportunities and that's the reason production is reducing at higher rates but at the same time demand is increasing around the globe due to never stopping population.

FruitsCoin is created with one and only one goal in mind, agricultural production at a larger scale by owing the lands rather than renting and create an employment opportunities along with quality fruits production, Branding, processing and exports.

After the long list of fruits we have decided to go with Pomegranates simply because there are many benefits are associated with this fruit and demand from the countries, especially from UAE, Europe and USA.

Stay connected, we are updating more information about project soon

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