Korea Character Licensing Fair 2022

Frutti Dino
3 min readJul 15, 2022


Hi everyone! This is Angela.😁
I would like to share the recent updates of Frutti Dino to you guys!

We went to Korea Character Licensing Fair yesterday to attend NFT-Expert Character Contest Award Ceremony and to learn more about the recent trend in IP expansion.

Korea Character Licensing Fair is an exhibition inviting domestic and foreign manufacturers, agents, merchandisers and marketers related to IP licensing.

Frutti Dino Booth

Since Frutti Dino project is not just a project that will end with just a game, we are also preparing for expanding the IP of our cute Frutti Dino characters. We are planning to make Frutti Dino to gain more exposure by producint related merchants.

As a sponsor of the NFT-Expert Character Contest, we had a Frutti Dino booth in the exhibition site. People were curious about our characters, stopped and watched our game prototype. 😁We didn’t expect our Dino characters would be so popular!

Monoverse Vice President Jay Park
Vice President Jay Park was presenting the award to the winner.

Also, our Vice Presient Jay Park was also one of the award presenters at the ceremony. 😄


Furthermore, Kyung-Joon Lee is one of the winners who received the Excellence Award in the NFT-Expert Character Contest. 🎉Congratulations! 😍

Blue Shark and Frutti Dino character designer, Kyung-Joon Lee

👉Remember we had interviewed with our Frutti Dino character designer, Kyung-Joon Lee before? If you are not familiar with him, you can refer to this medium article.

We will share more information to you guys if we have any updates! We have prepared more upcoming events. So stay tuned and see you next time! ❤️



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