How Medium’s Optimizers Doomed Writers
Pablo Andreu

I didn’t know and hope/assume that the bit is satire? But being of the age that not only were magazines more important than TV, and radio our daily contact with the world. Here’s what surprises me about your article.

It seems that Medium exists for reasons that I didn’t/don’t understand and that you seem to. That the volume of content seems of interest and appropriate EXCEPT the exaggerated, the purposefully antagonistic what you call ‘clickbait’.

That views are the purpose of Medium. (Really? I have never understood any internet business model other than adverts and never seen adverts here so what’s the deal with views?)

Somewhere it was suggested that certain ‘publications’ accept submissions but there seems no way to contact the publications I’ve tried a variety of things and never once received a response… that can’t be what the site really is about. Or if it is there is definitely a lack of transparency about it.

When accidentally and perhaps sadly I very recently found myself at I thought cool some of this is interesting (oh I know it was via Pnut and Tewfik who since sold it and moved on and Pnut is not better for this as it is shorter and they haven’t been able to maintain tone or world view). And here was a place to post a few things that don’t belong on my own website as no one goes there for this material.

So, at no time was views plural the point nor did I think it was and I was just looking for a place to do this and in doing this it improved my editing.

Good enough for me.

I guess after reading your post my question is ‘Medium is for something specific? I don’t know why you think that and maybe you could explain.


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