The world after discovery

They left it behind, we thought we could get secret/vital information but it destroyed the web with a virulent virus affecting the whole world and ALL government access, including phones.

~ ~ ~ ~

We thought they had run away and left behind what did not aid their survival. We wiped them out along the many streams they thought to use to escape the city.

We knew that we could recover any information they thought they had erased.

We were right, then were wrong.

They knew.

Once we began to dig — it was over.

First our systems were compromised. We were isolated but connected, the worm dove in and ran through everything including our phones, wireless, encrypted, secure and unsecured. This was a brutalist attack, full force disable. As our systems faded many labs literally burst in flames. The very wires, the solder used, the pure metal used to keep all the connections — connected, reduced to mush.

First, in the desert where we were located, the speed, with which this spread…. is what astonished.

We were unprepared ~ impressed with our skills, our supremacy at war. We’d won and we were going to win even more.

We were wrong, we would pay.

They lost, they pay too.

This was no-win and nuclear.

They had created a virus that destroyed the entire workings of anything computerized connected to the internet.

It caught us, surprised us, logically, makes sense. Even satellites stopped, burst or melted and later began to fall back to earth. We had no means to track them so it was a horror of random flaming meteors.

Many reached the surface and the damage, localized — not often exploding, though that too — was worse than the terror of the vanquished.

Cars, even many trains stopped all the world seemed to have stopped, where there had been the sounds of civilization, now there was the sound of human activity, reminiscent of long ago, yet suddenly here.

Solar panels, that were not computerized, remained and some electricity was available- mostly to those already ‘off- grid’ though many of those were computerized, so they were affected by the melt-down.

Every nuclear energy plant,

………….every nuclear plant,

………………………….every nuclear…

the poisoning of swathes of earth, the death of people and any living thing from the melt-downs, the explosions… ‘they’ had promised us that everything was doubled, fail-safe — did they lie? Did they know? Do we, can we know now?

Nations with warships, submarines, radar guidance, missile silos either went silent, destroyed themselves, off course, sank, silently disappeared.

Lastly and least expected, though it could have been foreseen.

The religion that kept science alive during the ‘dark ages’, kept their laboratories working. The enemy had access and scientists.

Before; There were many countries working on solutions to petroleum product pollution.

Before; a successful creation of bacterium that fed on oil products. Heralding this, as a break-through for solving the problem, was world wide.

Then; The enemy worked with this new organism and created something so voracious that, after all the internet related destruction took place, it was released and anything made from petroleum was devoured. Even many food based oils were affected if their elemental makeup were close to that of ‘black gold’.

This took much longer than the seemingly instant crash of our computerized world, but it was much like the random rain of satellites. As each satellite went out of control, struck by other space debris, and entered the atmosphere…. so the disappearance of plastic coatings, floor tiles, linoleum, Plexiglas, shoe soles, our clothes took on the appearance of motheaten,

…………………….Rain gear, fleece, the elastic in underwear, the stretch in those tight jeans — eaten over the course of the next year and left us ragged and exposed. Suddenly our socks wouldn't stay up.

We were returned to an age none of us had lived in. The populations of ‘more developed’ countries failed drastically in unexpected ways. Our ideas of humanity were tested and we came up short.

So many were only used to relating to the world via our devices that we had no means to actually survive in a world without them.

The population of those nation/states declined precipitously.

Much of the NGO operations in ‘poorer’ countries were discovered to be worth nothing as it relied on technology that was no longer viable.

The so-called 2nd tier countries suffered more than expected.

Their population also declined, though not as precipitously until the satellites began and the clothing given to them by charitable organizations disintegrated into bits of nothing.

So where do we find ourselves? Has the enemy won at last? Have their goals been met?

We, too, have disintegrated into small colonies, it remains difficult to know what is happening in the rest of the world. Much of the armory of all countries that was mechanical (guns and bullets) remain functional.

Is the world at war? No one can know. We are not at war with our neighbors. Survival rose to the top of our concerns, growing food, rebuilding shelter, water and sanitation.

The bacteria’s byproducts are oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen; we have cleaner air and the seas/oceans are more able to sustain what lives in them.

It was easier to survive outside of cities. A great deal of death occurred in cities, but after a short time (year maybe two) there - ways were found to grow food, rebuild shelter and discover water and clean it, or we discovered that it was clean(er).

The bacteria had cleared much of the waste we had created. It was a benefit that I doubt was foreseen by the enemy.

We are thankful.

Now; how do we move forward? The enemy had plans, a theology and a political philosophy. We had neither.

The plans, etc, they had depended on communication technology they destroyed. Their small state/enclaves were no better off than ours. Their advantage was that having done with little before the ‘fall’ they were more capable of survival afterwards.

The rest of the story you know, you’re living it. This is just a version of what happened.

There are other versions. Not all history is written by the victors. This time we are all victims.