Hold Kim Burrell Accountable, But Hold Christianity Accountable As Well
Terrance Thomas

I think it’s wonderful that Kim Burrell is receiving the backlash for her statements. For several reasons, but I’ll start here; she’s had large support (especially many in the Christian community) from people wanting to come her defense and say it’s wrong that she’s losing endorsements and having appearances canceled. Listen, Kim Burrell, like every last one of us on this planet, answers to more than God. She answers to a bunch of people with money who write checks and apparently don’t share her views (or at minimum her delivery, not at least publicly). But the Christ (that many of these same people claim to serve) was persecuted for wanting to spread the gospel …his disciples too. Some killed for following Christ. So if this is Kim getting to stand by what she believes good for her. You should be applauding that this is happening to her, otherwise, at what point does what you believe truly get tested? To the greater conversation, yes the Bible has flaws and contradictions and many, if not most, of the people who follow it (when they are real with themselves) cherry pick to further their argument. Parts that either can stand on their own merit or need to be taken into context with 50 other scriptures (Kim Burrell included). Case and point. Kim Burrell is a pastor. Kim Burrell is a female… pastor. The Bible, the same word she is judging the condition on a man’s spirit from, says that she, being a woman, should remain silent in the church. There is no context for it to be taken out of. It, unlike many things in the bible, is very clear. But since we’ve become more inclusive as a society to women’s rights (and rightfully so) many argue that, “well those scriptures are being taken out of context…” Some churches agree and some disagree. Which only validates the point that religious people (not only Christians) can’t possibly stand completely to one side of their beliefs, because at some point, you’ll find that it’s not 100% compatible with societal norms as time change.

Wonderful read. The problem with having any discussion regarding belief, though, is that people seldom have the ability to speak factually about religion, so they (we) tend to default to speaking emotionally. Which is dangerous and irresponsible.

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