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The idea that unless you’re living a “holy life” church is supposed to unsafe and exclusive is backwards and not in line with how Jesus walked and what he taught. What seems so lost with a lot of “Christians” is just how much Christ tried to teach that salvation isn’t some boys club for the clean. But that we are all sinners and should meet each other with compassion, not judgement. God has the whole “judgement” department completely covered. That’s not our job. But many “Christians” have taken up the mantle of deciding the condition on someone’s spirit based on some isolated words they read and conviction they feel. And that’s not our job. No one who walks into a church is without sin. I don’t care how “holy” you’re living, every one of us does something that God does not approve of. Church isn’t a place where you’re supposed to be “convicted” of anything. If you need to come to a building for that, then that suggests that the spirit isn’t convicting you or that, for some reason, it only has the ability to do so inside a building with a cross on it and bibles in each pew. Conviction should happen in the heart first and can occur anywhere, or not occur inside a church. Church IS a place of worship. It’s a place where someone who isn’t where you are in terms of “holiness” should be able to come and see the act of compassion and acceptance. Not for their sin, but for their human condition.