You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

While I don’t think all of your points are valid (based only on fact), I do agree that your feelings are valid (based entirely on your life experiences and point of view). No two women, men, animals, etc. will ever have the same experience… so neither will have the same world view. Are there areas in society where women still experience inequality? Unequivocally yes. In the same spaces are there areas where women have privilege? Also, unequivocally yes. What I would hope, is that in places we disagree and there is work to be done, that conversation and work are actually being done. Marches alone do nothing in terms of actual change. And while I firmly believe that if I am not part of any movement I don’t get to choose what that movement looks like… it is evident that more than marching needs to be done to bring about change. I would ask you then, genuinely and sincerely, what actionable things can be done to promote the change that a lot of your narrative speaks to… and where?

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