Whats Next on Iphone Apps Market?

2015 is going to be an extremely interesting year for the iOS apps market. A lot of speculations are being made regarding the development of new iOS Apps. This is perhaps one of the most debated matters among the big and small companies associated with the world of iOS App development.

With almost 1.4 million apps present on the App Store at present, the competition is always at its peak when it comes to this particular market. So it would be interesting to see that how this competition grows further in the year 2015. While the top 1 percent of the apps enjoys the mainstream share of the market, an ordinary mobile app generally gets something around 1,000 download.

Experts from Fugenx Technologies say that it is expected that by the end of 2015 a lot many new innovative and exciting apps would come up in the market. Therefore people are closely observing all the major and minor trends going on in the mobile app industry. Obviously the main focus remains on iOS app development keeping in mind the release of the Apple iPhone 6s recently. A lot of experts believe that the upcoming developments are going to be far better than the ones that are in existence right now.