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My holy Trinity: R Code + R Markdown + Blogdown::Hugo

Earlier this year — after my first R-based public talk ever — I started to further explore the mightiness of R, RStudio, RMarkdown and Yihui Xie’s {Book|Blog}down-family. Since I converted / rewrote the R script (which was the source file for the output I talked about) into a RMarkdown file, it was just a question of minutes, to turn this into my first R-based blog post. At least locally on my laptop.

With regards to hosting and publishing without the necessary resources for a web hosting service, this forced me to deal with Git/GitHub eventually (which can be quite confusing at the beginning and even later on), and here we are: By Spring, I had my own (i.e. fully portable and reproducible) code-centric website up and running, it’s contents edited and rendered directly from within RStudio (with Blogdown + Hugo) and published to my GitHub Repo (the source files) and to GitHub Pages (the website/output) via regular git commit / git push commands. …

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My first map ever with R.

Last summer, I was asked to create a high-red map for a book (print), which turned out to be both, harder and easier than I thought. Here’s my “how-to” on my GitHub Page:

1 minute tutorial for organising your screenshots with a native iOS11 workflow.

Goal: Organised, easy-to-find screenshots of stuff you might need later.

Bonus: Tidy screenshot-free iOS Photos app.

Digitale Wissenschaftskommunikation, Teil 1

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Vorschau: die einzelnen Beiträge | © SWP Berlin

Mein erstes digitales Projekt für die SWP Berlin

Nach zwei Jahren in der Mache ist im September 2017 der digitale Pilot »Urbane Räume. Proteste. Weltpolitik.« der Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP Berlin) online gegangen. Die Sammelstudie von Herausgeberin Nadine Godehardt betrachtet Proteste und die Rolle des Raumes anhand von Fallstudien in den USA (#BlackLivesMatter), dem Jemen, der Türkei (Gezi/Taksim), Uruguay/Argentinien, in Hongkong und im Senegal (Dakar).


Ilja Sperling

Computation Social Science | Data, Policy, and the Visual | Science Communication | Berlin, Germany | Twitter: @fubits |GitHub Page:

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