The Punchline

All human endeavors begin with a story. The tenuous moment that air floats on trembling throat muscles, a line is drawn in the sand between the real and the illusion. It is the inescapible dilemma. Eyes that act like a camera, flipping the world topsy turvy then back again, will never allow for vision unmediated or unfiltered. Ears that are tiny and fragile will perceive wondrous, miraculous sound that the brain will revel in, yet never know the company of frequencies too foreign to long for. The double-sided coin of touch, too, allows for both ecstacy and torture, and intimacy and the pang of its absence. The same mouths and noses that perceive lush fruit, hypnotic smoke, welcoming cotton sheets, a forest after rain, blood rush inducing pheromones of a lover- also bring unmistakeable decay, carnage, acrid acids, metallic, alarming crimson, rot, waste. What peculiar creations, to be made so polar, so at odds from fruition. Even the vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curved figures and the blinking, taunting, ever moving finish line as I type beckons me to try to grasp the unattainable, to convey the ever-moving target of reality into symbols that only some would interpret. Those that couldn’t decode the rambling, spilling thoughts of an English blogger would not be incorrect in scrolling on and seeing nothing but symbols scribbled on a page, ignoring what cannot be immediately known, as I would with any Russian poem or Hindi think piece. It cannot be assessed now, so why bother? Still we dance, sensually, painfully: around the truth, confidently blinded, noting the extreme hots, colds, goods, evils, me’s, others, the secure and the dangerous, and we weave stories, we believe lies, and we push and pull into and out of what lies within to the ideas of what is without, like pulsing polygraphs, up and down, searching. We do the work of ten years against a current to attain a minute of meaningful truth, but the reward is strong. Just as the fibers of a tree are reinforced by the beatings of the wind, so are the stumblings of man in the darkness on the way to find the brightest, unfathomable light, that may not even exist.