How I Am When I Game

Playing video games has been a part of my life since since I was five years old. Always watching my siblings play games such as Super Mario 64 or Donkey Kong Country and watching the excitement unfold with every life wasted and level passed. As I grew up I began to learn the controls and the levels for myself and it became the main staple of my recreational time. Now I have grown to game on many different platforms ranging from all three of the gaming consoles, to the handheld games, to the online world of PC gaming.

My favorite console out of all these platforms has to be the Nintendo console. When it comes to that console it comes down to a lot of multiplayer games that are great to play in person. I always enjoy a good game with friends or family and or playing through a story by myself. With that my actions and reactions when I game with either type are very different. When it comes to multiplayer games I become very competitive. I will concentrate, have no sympathy for other players if I have to beat them in games or rob them. My energy goes up and I get very emotionally connected to the game and vocalize many of my choices. When it comes to single player games I am not as emotionally connected but I do become majorly concentrated on the game itself. I will look at every detail, look at every choice and do my best within the game and seeing some frustration on my face as I lose some lives along the way.

My video game personality is very forward and aggressive but its not my personality when I am not playing games. When I am outside of the game I am much more reserved and much more laid back. I take little care into arguing with other and become very passive when it comes to interacting with others. It would never occur to most people that I am a somewhat aggressive person when it comes to a video games. A platform where most people would think of being calm and relaxing, but most gamers can tell you differently. Gaming becomes a enticing and engulfing platform that people can become passionate about. It becomes like a sport and an exciting platform that everyone can join into without much of a learning curve.