My Learning Path

1. Socialized Learning

Learning based upon interactions with your peers and the world around you. Gaining new information by hearing opinions about topics from others. This allows for oneself to gain a different perspective about a topic that wasn’t available before the conversation. Also allowing for peers to teach each other about information connected to the topic or evidence that can back up an argument. Giving a better understanding of the topic itself and where all different viewpoints stem from. With that it also allows for the chance to network with peers that have the same interests. Allowing for connections to allow for more conversations to be made with one another, as well as allowing for a growth of one’s own social network.

2. Diverse education

Having not only your single area of study being the main focus throughout the learning process. When gaining an education about a certain topic most usually only concentrate upon what is being gained from that area of study, not how different areas are actually influencing and affecting that one area. Such as if one is studying science, no one keeps in mind the use of language, math, and others areas that actually affect this single topic. With that how differing areas can also broaden one’s ideas, creating new possibilities with one’s own skillset that they have acquired through each area of study.

3. Applied Practice

Using the skills gained and learned and actually using them. The idea of a certain study is very different from actually putting those skills into practice. Actually being able to have hands on experience with the area you have studied for so long. Through this learning where one skills are lacking and where there is room for improvement. With that it also gives the chance to better understand which area is best suited for oneself. If you want to actually put your studies into work or continue in a research based work area, or even learning about a new area that would be better suited for your talents.

4. Peer Based Goals

Setting up goals that not only benefit yourself, but others as well should be the end goal. Most expect goals to only benefit oneself which will give them the drive to reach that goal and better themselves in the long run. Usually these goals aren’t reached because most people actually give up before they even begin to try. I believe this happens because there is no drive to better oneself, we have been told to accept ourselves for who we are so making goals to better ourselves has become a contradiction to this single belief. So the only way to change this way of thinking is to know who you can help after making this goal a reality. Who you are doing it for? what reason? How will this better the world around you if you better yourself? When working to help another person we as people work harder to achieve those goals.

5. JoyfulConnection

Using your joy and emotional connection to become a drive for your work. We work better when we are emotionally connected to something. If it brings you joy we enjoy it more which ives us more of a drive to learn and want more. So using these emotions for our own personal gain works best to get the job done.

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