TED Talk Reflection

When looking deeper into my previous question “The Shared Wonder of Film“ I was searching through ted talks to find one that may help me better understand what I am looking for. Is it documentaries? Horror? Dramas? What kind of films are pushing this generation to start new movements? While searching for these answers I found a video on the Ted Talk website called” The share wonder of film”. It gave me a very in depth insight into how films have been inspiring children throughout the years. With that sharing the past with children of the present giving them a good representation of past situations they should have knowledge of.

Within the talk the speaker was describing the film history throughout the years. Ranging from schindler’s list, to modern day movies and their effect upon each child. How inspired some to make their own films or pushed them to start a movement. Each give each child the motivation to do something for their community. The most interesting bit of information they gave was where they brought up the idea that each film does effect children around the world. If they get a single chance it will help them learn visually for a lifetime.

The main thing that I took into consideration was that each film that pushed the young to work harder wasn’t only ones of joy. Some were of documentaries of terrible genocides, lives of people lost during mass killings in the past. Connecting to their sympathetic feelings towards other humans and how they want to change it all for the future. It gives me many more options upon what type of films are available to me when working on my project to find the best film to inspire others. Choosing what that is much more human and realistic may be the better way to go instead of a fictional story.

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