The Feeling of Color

The main thing I would like to teach is how colors and tones can effect our mental states. Have you ever noticed how certain colors put you in certain moods? How a tone of lighting can affect your thought process? How each movie uses a set of certain colors to make you think and feel a certain way? Psychologically emotions, actions, and thoughts can be manipulated by color even without you knowing.

A great example of a film that uses colors most recently would be Disney’s Inside Out. They created each character to match an emotion when doing so they chose a color and a shape that represented those set emotions. Such as blue for sadness, yellow for joy, red for anger, etc. It does the best job of working with the psychology of emotions and color to their very best extent.

The psychology of color is very deep entrenched into parts of our lives. How we decorate, how we want to represent ourselves when we go out, even what we want to give other. Looking at the colors around you can show what someone i trying to go for or feels emotionally or how they like to think.

I would like all students to watch Inside Out and take down what colors are most dominant within their lives. What is used most in rooms, wardrobe, thing like that. Why did you choose these colors to be in your most comfortable space?