Introducing Synth — Blockchain deployment tool(s) for enterprise


Blockchain is a disruptive technology trend that enables even competitors to collaborate without trusting each other. It uses a secure, distributed ledger to establish a shared view of a cross-organizational business process and can track the movement off assets across company borders. Fulcrum is building a blockchain business cloud designed to streamline and simplify the creation, deployment, and operation of private blockchain networks for enterprise organizations.

As enterprises look to deploy distributed ledgers, we offer a way to test the nascent technology without the cost or risk of deploying it in-house.This helps companies who don’t want to build out new infrastructure or try to find in-house developers, which are in hot demand.

We open sourced the code on Github here.

Current integration

Synth is a suite of enterprise deployment tools aimed to make construction and deployment of blockchains easy for developers and enterprises. In the current iteration, it relies on the Ethereum technology as a solid base to serve a blockchain with a ton of great features for most use-cases.

Here are our goals:

  • Create a Blockchain CLI generator for easy initialization, management, and deployment of private blockchains.
  • Remove transaction costs for using private chains for higher incentive of integration.
  • Provide API’s and tools to integrate private chains into web and mobile applications.
  • Create private chain to private chain communication via a main chain ‘router’ that is free to transact upon.

Where are we at so far?

Right now, we have a simple MVP, which generates contracts for Ethereum blockchains and an API that treats smart contract interaction like API calls. As well as a suite of opensource and optionally deployable admin dashboards.


In the future we are taking an interest in Pulumi to develop and migrate all our blockchain deployment tools and services . Stay tuned for updates.

Pulumi, is a new open source cloud development platform. Using Pulumi, you author cloud programs using your favorite language, spanning low-level infrastructure-as-code to highly productive and modern container- and serverless-powered applications.

Pulumi is multi-language, multi-cloud, and fully extensible. It supports JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and Go languages, and AWS, Azure, and GCP clouds, in addition to Kubernetes targeting any public, private, or hybrid cloud. Pulumi delivers a single, consistent programming model and set of tools to program and manage any of these environments, supported by a rich ecosystem of reusable packages. Using real languages changes everything.

TL;DR, with Pulumi, 38 pages of manual instructions become 38 lines of code. 25,000 lines of YAML configuration becomes 500 lines in a real programming language.