So Good, You’ll Want To Slap Your Mom…But It’s Best If You Don’t.

The Morning

We woke up at around 10am on a Saturday, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed — well, not exactly. But, we sure as hell were excited!

Probably more me than her — my girlfriend of course.

As we struggled to open our eyes — which was a bitch, considering her bed was facing the window, allowing any and all light into your face when the sun rose — we both sat up in that twin-bed provided by her school, which will not be named, and she could see the excitement in my face.

Why This Place?

One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Blake Scott, has a favorite brunch place he goes to pretty often.

Being that I was going to be in Los Angeles for my girlfriend’s spring break, to spend some quality one on one, lovey dovey time, there were a few food establishments I wanted to hit. One of those spots being the place Mr. Scott visits, as I mentioned before.

He’s a stylish man. Someone said, “the clothes make the man, and naked people don’t have much to say in society.” You trust the man with nice clothes.

Now, unless you’ve been, or live in Los Angeles, you’ve never been to this place, and you haven’t had the food-gasm that I had when I finally tried 2 of the sandwiches this place is known for — breakfast sandwiches.

I currently live in Austin, Texas. A place saturated with 20-something hipsters, coffee shops, and the absurd amount of breakfast taco shops. A place where even the local coffee roasters get breakfast tacos delivered to their place every morning. You can probably get a breakfast taco from the tin yards here.

Anyways, as I mentioned in the last post, about my favorite place in L.A.’s Chinatown, we that day was the day we were going to stuff our faces at what I anticipating to be among my new favorite places in L.A.

It went like this…

10:30am — Wake up
11am — Ready and out the door
(I was stuck with the task of having to tell her roommate that we needed to borrow her car for the day, she was out cold…)
11:45am — Actually ready and out the door.
11:52am — Realize she forgot her camera(s) and have turn back.
12:15pm — Cameras found, actually get on the road…for real this time.
1:30pm — Griffith Observatory for 2:45pm planetarium show.
(I was so stoked for this! I’m a nerd, sue me)
***Walk up the long-a** road leading up to the observatory at the top of America (not really)
3:30pm — Show is over, starving, ready to head over to stop number 1 for the day (which closes in half hour and is 22 minutes away, according to Google Maps.

And as we’re freaking out, I ran 2 red pedestrian crosswalk-lights. I didn’t know you had to wait for the green, just figured you go when there are no human beings strolling along.

Suddenly we come up to this whole-in-the-wall of a market, and right in front:

Made it! 3:43pm!


Yes, the sign made me practically get whiplash myself.

But, the breakfast/brunch sandwiches here will give your mom whiplash from how hard you slap her. (I don’t condone mom slapping, in fact, I highly suggest otherwise.)

The line wasn’t bad, considering it was a Saturday afternoon, and their location couldn’t have been better.

We made it to the cashier within 5–7 minutes of waiting in line, and she was super nice. She hooked us up with free OJ, since it was our first time. I guess it was everyone else’s first time their too. Whatever.

Ordering is pretty grueling because as you read what’s going to be nestled between to deliciously buttery, soft, and grilled brioche buns, you wish you could speak it into existence.

I, being a Paleo connoisseur (forget that you read the part about the brioche bun), ordered “El Gaucho.” I knew there would be chimmichurri…I got 2…

And My beautiful confidante, ordered a deliciously simple, yet equally sinful, bacon, egg, and cheese. Both served with a perfect over-medium egg, and seasoned arugula.

The lady taking her first bite:

The 3 Stages of EggSlut

Astonishment at the spectacle of food porn in front of your face.
The First Bite, Then…

And, let us not forget my Wagyu Tri-tip, chimmichurri, pickled red onion, seasoned arugula, and over-medium egg-sandwich “El Guacho” that I had.


Once Again, The 3 Stages of EggSlut-ness

Astonishment at the spectacle of food porn in front of your face.
The First Bite, Then…
Yeah… Disbelief

Thanks guys and gals,

-Full Belly LA

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