Don’t F**K With Cats | Credit: Netflix

Netflix Made A True-Crime Documentary About Online Animal Brutality

Then they told me not to watch it.

Austin Rod
Jan 5 · 2 min read

Spoilers for the Netflix documentary Don’t F**k With Cats

Please, don’t look at this next picture. By looking at it, you are supporting a terrible person who took advantage of a cute dog.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Thanks for not looking at that photo. Because it is truly awful. However, just so you know, I made money off the fact that you read these words.

Kind of silly, right?

My apologies to Jamie Street on Unsplash, you are probably a great person and you would never harm your lovely dog. It was just used as a fake example.

This is what Netflix is trying to tell us with the documentary Don’t F**k With Cats. They spend three hours to tell the accomplishments of a kitten killer then one of the sleuths turns to look directly at the camera, points at the audience and states:

Don’t F**K With Cats | Credit: Netflix

And you, you at home watching a whole f**king documentary… are you complicit? Maybe it’s time we turned off the machine.



Are you asking me if I’m complicit in giving attention to this kitten killer who only did it for attention?

This documentary is a three-episode mini-series that covers the tale of two online sleuths who track down a guy who posted a video killing kittens. We get the perspectives of the two sleuths as well as the several officers that participated in the investigations. Surprisingly, they even convinced the mother of the kitten killer to give her thoughts.

This documentary did not try to be an “unbiased” look at the facts. It worked hard to set up an entertaining true-crime narrative. The first two episodes even had “cliff-hanger” type endings. Yet, it decided to end with accusing me of being complicit in feeding this guy’s ego and maybe even be apart of the reason people like him exist.

Don’t get me wrong.

This was a fascinating documentary.

I can’t say it made me happy, but it was like a train wreck or a car accident. Just awful stuff that you can’t bring yourself to look away from. We love reading and watching about serial killers. Criminal Minds and CSI. True-crime podcasts and 24-hour news cycles. Their ability to tell this true-crime story was so good that they got me to binge-watch all three hour-long episodes. I really did enjoy this documentary.

Until they yelled at me for enjoying the documentary.

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