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Jan 11 · 2 min read

Thank you so much for responding!

First off, I just want to mention, you are an incredible writer. Even just reading your response, your clarity of writing is something I’m striving to reach. This is my first attempt at writing articles, other than the occasional screenplays I’ve written.

I loved your point that “the counter-argument in the film itself is weak.” When I watched the film, I brought in my own set of morals that were a strong enough counter-argument to Tyler Durden. So that may be the reason why I got the message of the film straight the first time. At least, the message that I wanted to get out of the film.

Then does every medium and story need to ensure a strong counter-measure to the villains that they introduce? I find it difficult to expect that of every author and filmmaker. Sometimes they don’t know a strong counter-argument to the evil they portray. They just know it is wrong and maybe hope someone else will one day figure out the solution.

On the note of anti-war films, I think of Hacksaw Ridge as a good example. The hero refuses to give up his anti-violence sentiment. The movie pulls no punches on the brutality of war and how it obliterates people. Yet, the protagonist keeps fighting through it. I don’t know anyone who watched that film and decided they want to join the army and kill people. But just because I haven’t met them, does not mean someone hasn’t misinterpreted the film.

Misinterpretation is going to happen. As a filmmaker myself, I will do my best to prevent miscommunication of my themes and beliefs. However, I shouldn’t lose sleep because “Johnny Macho” decided my defense of Fight Club means that he should be like Tyler Durden.

Thanks again for responding! I sincerely enjoyed the response!

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