FunCity Announcements(23-Nov, 2018)

FunCity gaming platform has been online for almost a month, and we are excited to share our achievements with the FunCity community and the friends who want to join us:

The FunCity community continues to grow. The stats below makes us proud of our community.

  • In less than a month we have’ve got now 4,453 CITY Holde
  • The maximum transaction volume exceeds millions: FunCity has a maximum volume of 1.39 million EOS.
  • The first dividend: FunCity’s first dividend reached 37,732 EOS.
  • Partners added: EOS LIVE, IHIVE, BITPIE and we continue to discuss partnership to other great projects and communities.

We have made many innovations in terms of gameplay:

  • The Reaper, then expanded into the Jackpot system, the Reaper Arena, and Reaper Turbo. It is worth mentioning that Reaper Turbo is very popular with everyone.
  • 777, so far more than 3,000 rounds have been carried out.
  • Miner Run, has been more than 300 rounds so far.

We have accomplished many goals since the inception of the project and we are now experiencing a downturn from the past few days. However, this is only temporary because we firmly believe in the following two points:

  • The FunCity community has been expanding! Our community support has been exceptional during this rough patch of our token price and volumes falling for the past few days. This encourages us to offer more to our community and supporters.
  • The EOS ecosystem is still in it’s infancy and we believe our technical excellence and our innovative vision are the key elements that will help us find success in the long run.

Here’s what we have planned for the coming weeks:

1.New game (November 24th)

Jacks or Better Beta will go live on Saturday, we will inviting some community members to play it .
“Jacks or Better” is the oldest and the most famous variation of video Poker. It has an element of skill in addition to the luck factor compared to pure luck on dice games. Your chances of winning can be highly improved with better strategies.

2.CITY deflation plan (after the new game)

1. buyback: 50% of the future team’s profit and the payout pool will be used to buyback CITY tokens. The repurchased CITY will be burned. The dividends will remain unaffected.
Buyback of tokens will be done on a weekly basis and burned tokens data will be published on the following Monday.
2. Re-capped Reaper Turbo, the parameters will be adjusted to further accelerate the efficiency of the CITY burned.
3. (preplan) Open the small plug-in function of the speaker inside the platform, the player can use CITY to post the message to all the players who play games on FunCity, and the used CITY will be burned.

3.DICE update (after the new game)

1. Performance optimization.
2. Display the data on the chain at the front end for user’s query.
3. Modify the house edge to 1.5%.
4. Pause Miner Run game.

4.Other update (after the new game)

1. FunCity accounts will be published, including : the main contract account, the pledge account, the dividend account, the repo account, The Reaper account, 777 account, etc. Facilitate the user’s inquiry.
2. The ref. rewards is changed to 0.2% of the bet amount.

5.Community self-Control Plan (until December 1)

Create a deep shareholder of FunCity group and Vote-2U-Game Plan. Specific rules will be announced in the community before online.

In the next month, we will commit to develop human to human online games, not limited to card games.

This is just the beginning!

Thanks again to the members of FunCity community for their support. FunCity’s vision is to become one of the leading global gaming platform on EOS, to provide an open, transparent and fun gaming experience for players all over the world.